Saturday, January 23, 2016

The diversity of place

This post contains links to a lot of pictures, but extraordinary and amazing pictures showing the diversity of the places of the Earth -  the beautiful, unusual, weird, strange, dramatic, unbelievable and extraordinary places that make up our world. 

As previously mentioned on the Spatialworlds blog (over and over), the concept of place is incredibly important as a concept in the Australian Curriculum: Geography. We have talked about place in terms of providing people/cultures with identity, providing meaning to a people and/or individuals, the love and aesthetics of place (topophilia) and the nature of place - all rich conceptual ideas about place. However this post is purely about two things in relation to place:
  • the amazing diversity of places around the world
  • the uniqueness, beauty and quirkiness of the places of the world.
Sometimes we just have to stop and take in the wow of the places of the world and marvel at the wonders of the world. Enjoy the following galleries of places with a difference and/or a significant wow factor beyond the normal suburban world many of us live in.




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